"Wonderful place for our annual retreat." Stitching Traditions

"This was an excellent location and setting for our church peer ministry retreat." Michael - Interim Youth Missioner

"Very accommodating!! You guys were very helpful...our day was perfect." Loren - bride

"Our students really enjoyed themselves at Spirit Lake...Geezer Trail, paddleboats and canoe, campfire for s'mores. The Cottage worked well for our size..." Chaplain - Bishop Seabury Academy

"Wonderful setting for our daughter's wedding. We will all have many happy memories...so glad we chose to do it all at Spirit Lake. Staff very accommodating throughout entire occasion; guests thoroughly enjoyed Spirit Lake as well." Darla-mother of the bride.

"Everything was wonderful. It was set up just as we requested and they had wonderful suggestions! We could have not asked for a better venue for my son's wedding! We hope to come back for a family reunion." Leanne-mother of the bride.

"We just appreciate so much the beautiful accommodations of the Cottage and property here at Spirit Lake. Everything was well- stocked, towels, the kitchen and the boats. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and found your hospitability to meet our needs both warm and generous." Carol - family reunion coordinator

"Their service, hospitality and accommodations were EXCELLENT! All of us had a blast! Thanks for making it such a fun weekend." Mallory Chi Omega

"Thanks so much for all of your help with our daughter's wedding. It was a beautiful setting and a pleasure working with you." Marcia- mother of the bride

"We rented the Cottage and Cedar House for 5 days for our family reunion of 7 brothers and their families and to celebrate Mom & Dad's 50th anniversary - 29 total. We had plenty of beds & bathrooms! The location is beautiful with plenty to do. We were here 5 days and never had to leave to 'find something to do'". Barbara - family reunion coordinator

The Cedar House "Felt like home. You have a very awesome place to stay!" Deer hunter

"We thoroughly enjoyed having our family reunion at Spirit Lake. With a group ranging in age from 6 to 76, there was always plenty to do for all ages. Beautiful space and great place for the family to gather." Phil & Callie - family reunion coordinators

"We rented the venue for 24 hours and the combination of cottages for our families to stay in and the exceptionally beautiful grounds made Spirit Lake a perfect place for our wedding! There was a moment as the sun was setting over the lake, our friends were dancing on the basketball court, folks were on canoes and paddleboats, and still others were playing horseshoes on the lawn...at that moment, we looked around the site and thought: 'this is perfect, it doesn't get any better than this!' Thanks for helping make our wedding a wonderful memory." Cathy-bride

"Beautiful location/setting! Staff was always available and friendly. The semi-secluded location is good for promoting focus." Med CEO participant

"Thanks for reacting on short notice. The Cottage worked perfectly for our overnight sales retreat." Smith Electric Vehicle CEO

"The location was very peaceful and beautiful. We enjoyed the separation from our busy schedules." Evo Medical

"Sometimes being able to step away for a change is very refreshing and the atmosphere was very helpful for the learning experience." Med CEO participant

"We had a wonderful time and would love to come back! Thanks for everything!" Chelsie Chi Omega

"Can't wait to come back. Perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge." Med CEO participant

The Cottage is a "Great location for a board strategic planning retreat. The location and environment was perfect for this occasion." Jim Leiker Capper President

"Great place, plan to do it again." Cottage visitor

"Beautiful setting for a wedding." Mother of the bride